Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Update

“we screwed up” – Steve Jobs

At today’s press conference, which Apple called to clarify the iPhone 4 antenna issue, Steve Jobs announced that Apple will send iPhone 4 users with reception problems a free bumper case (from next week till end of September). so no recall, no acctual resolution just quick fix that cost Apple hardly anything. well it’s better with nothing. Additionally, those customers still unsatisfied with the phone can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase so there is that.

Jobs also announced that Apple is working on a fix for the iPhone’s proximity sensor problem, which he hopes will be done in time to be included in the next iOS 4 update.

I don’t have a iPhone but my brother does, his has the issue and I’ve seen it first hand! it would drive me up the wall but he doesn’t care (he has a case already). Hmmmm will apple be giving people the money for the cases they have already bought to fix the issue?

What do you guys think? have Apple gotten away with the greatest geek mistake in history or have they done everything in their power? Can they REALLY claim to offer Form AND Function?

Source: Gizmodo

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