Comic Racks Episode 28


After muchos delay due to Christmas, New Years, sickness, coughs and technical lameness, the Racks are back for 2009, yo!… Ahem… Anyway, in this mammoth New Years episode, the ladies tackle some important topics such as Iz’s middle name, reviewing comics without having read them and making up brand new words. Stace disagrees with nearly everything Iz has to say, the girls ramble on a little too much about Christmas and New Year, and Elmo makes his Racks debut!

Episode 28- Linkety linkage! Woot!

In the news section, hear what the Racks think of the new Doctor Who, some more names get announced for Cymru Con and Stace shares some sad news regarding Bristol Con 2009…

Due to the length of time between recordings, the ladies have lots of comic-y film-y TV-y (TV-y??) goodness to share in their extended reviews section. Stace finally reads and reviews Echo, Iz forgets whether she’s reviewed Powers already or not, and the podcast strays into dangerous territory when cripple fights get mentioned… Also covered are Spider-Man Noir #1, Doc Walloper #5, They Live!, Eagle Vs Shark and lots of other randomness! Squeeee! (There’s some serious spoilerage in this episode, so keep your ears out!)

All this, plus Iz trashing Stace’s Rack Music pick, some terrible Irish accents and Stace singing. Again.


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