Comic Racks Episode 29 – Barrowmanamania


In a bid to save your ears from bleeding mid-episode, the main topic (featuring quite poor sound quality clips of the Racks live from the Birmingham Hippodrome) has been shunted to the end of the episode. Listen at your own peril!

Episode 29

Listen online [Audio]

Anyhoo, this slightly shorter episode sees the girls attempt to keep their reviews to a minimum, touching on Superman Red Son, Ellis’ Thunderbolts Vol 1, Proof, and Igor – of course the plan to keep it short(ish) totally goes to pot when Stace interrupts the recording to read and give an impromptu review of Secret Six #5. The Top and Tail segment sees a joint, non-comic related Top, and a Dr Who episode that did not impress Stacey sad.gif

During the News segment, Stacey depresses everyone with talk of Diamond’s new order limit, but Iz saves the day by pimping out The Uniques and a new podcast.

On top of this, Stace reveals exactly how to get her totally wasted, Iz speaks of fur muffs and they both get a little bit too excited over a certain John Barrowman and his appearance in the rather spiffy pantomime, Robin Hood. Swoon!!


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