Everything Comes Back to 2000AD – Episode 25

Richard is joined by 2000AD writer Al Ewing to discuss important topics such as bubble wrap, project runway and beard management. Oh, and along the way theres also some Dredd, Zombo and other 2000AD related talk.

Direct Download: Episode 25

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  1. Dr Cyclopz /

    Haven’t you guys heard the news about the new Dredd movie. You haven’t even mentioned it at all in your podcast – Wutsup?!

  2. Richard McAuliffe /

    Yeah, good point.
    To be honest though there doesnt seem that much info at the moment other than Wagner has read the script and approves.
    Will definately put it on the list of stuff to bullshit about when we record next weekend though, just to get Flint’s subtle opinion.

  3. Dr Cyclopz /

    They’ve also found a director and are ready to film this autumn

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