Everything Comes Back to 2000ad – Episode 1

*Cue deep gravelly cinema voice*

“first there was Geek syndicate then there was Comic Racks and then there was Science Friction and now a new Podcast joing the GS Geek Family…”

‘The 2000ad Podcast to beat all 2000ad podcasts…simply because…there aren’t any!’

Join host Flint Lockjaw and the first of rotating co-hosts, Richard McAuliffe (Bluemeanie) on a trip down memory lane as they discuss the first two issues of 2000ad. Then fast forward 30 years later as they review one of the most current Progs! Prog 1631!

Remember…Everything Comes Back to 2000ad!’

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  1. This goes over some of the ground you’ve discussed re the changes in Dredd but goes into a little more detail

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