Fringe Season 2 Episode 14 “The Bishop Revival”


A relic from the Bishop family past reappears pursing the Holy grail of Nazi fringe science – with not even one romantic rogue archaeologist in sight. If there was I’m sure he’d warn of spoilers.

However it’s not as simple as that. This is a Fringe episode and as a result an opportunity to unearth more tantalising Teutonic details about the Bishop Family. The story also uses from artistic red herrings that feed nicely into the plot. Of course like a certain continental lager the opportunity is used to refresh features of the Walter-Peter back story.

What did come as a surprise was Walters’s desire for Peter to start courting and his ambitions for Peter in that direction. Interesting…it makes sense for Walter but I am unsure about were the series is going with this. But I will save more waffle on that for the review of the next episode where the kernel of the matter really lies.

Regarding the plot itself it takes what could have been done as a Hellboy mash-up or silver age Captain America story but gives it a subdued and real world feel. (That said this would have made a cracking Linda Carter Wonder Woman plot.)

The acting was the uniform excellent, the music appropriate, lighting effective (especially the artist’s workshop) and direction stimulating.

Or put more succulently – Fringe vs Nazis. Fringe Team 1 Nazis 0.

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