Fringe Season 2 Episode 15 ‘Jacksonville’


Fringe manages to give a little bit more character to Olivia and advance the plot arch significantly. Spoilers may sneak in from parallel dimensions.

The initial incident in this story is at basic appearance an Earthquake in New York. Excellent use in a brief part is made of   Jim True-Frost who played Prez in the Wire. He’s a quality actor has a real everyman feel to him which makes his resulting plight -which could have potentially seemed a little comic, very emotionally real. 

This is a major arch story and I don’t want to give too much away. However the revelation of a prior contact between Olivia and Walter really moves the story on and wrangles Olivia even deeper into the mythology of the series.  It also casts further light on the amoral approach of William Bell and Walter Bishop to their quest for knowledge. That s is something that Peter calls Walter on in an excellent line of dialogue, you’ll know it when you hear it.

Turning to Peter this episode removes any ambiguity regarding a part of his background. In so doing it suggests sundry permutations regarding the nature and potential origin of the interactions between the Fringeverse and the Alternverse.

Also of potential world shaking consequence is that he nearly kisses Olivia. Obviously Walters parental interest in the last episode must have sparked something in the fella. Fortunately this incident is significant to the plot and will have consequences for the arch down the line I suspect. It is also indirectly responsible for delivering the knockout mythology blow at the end of the episode.

It still annoys though, I have worked with many, many people and have had romantic interludes with less than a handful, an experience that I don’t think is unique. However in TV land it seems to be practically compulsory. Of course the co-workers do tend to be a touch prettier and protagonists much more handsome than myself but still I had rather hoped Fringe would escape the cliché. 

It’s a small price to pay for such a momentous episode that still manages to use its set up to deliver a race against time finale with a special effects flourish.

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