Fringe Season 2 Episode 16 ‘Peter’

In the game of cricket you can have bowlers called spinners.  Relying on guile rather than aggression, these players attempt to bowl the ball with sufficient twist that the flight of the ball will bamboozle the batsman, leading to the fall of a wicket. Batsmen of course try and observe the flight of the ball and the tricks of the spinners and develop counter-measures.

But a truly great spinner has the skill and wit to defeat even the most diligent batsman.

Bringing this tortured ‘thought of the day’ style cricket analogy to an end – this episode of Fringe is a like a truly great delivery by a master spinner. I had a good expectation of what was coming but such was the execution – well suffice to say I was still playing the shot when my stumps went flying. In attempting to describe the fall of play there may be some spoilers.

The various component parts of the plot had been highlighted from some while off, others had only been confirmed with a frightening certainty very recently but they were melded together into a formidable bit of telly.

The episode also built on the connections between Olivia and Walter laid out in the former episode to create a real contemporary emotional resonance alongside the 1980s events.

The 1980s events from the period titles & theme for the episode to the young Walter and all the supporting (guest) cast are excellently portrayed and more than hold there own against the modern day scenes. In fact they were spot on in complementary tone and direction.  

This episode had to bear a heavy burden – it delivers a payoff for a seasons building mystery that it manages to so entertainingly, with emotional realism and generates sufficient threads to create interest in future adventures, is a triumph.

Fringe – the Shane Warne of Sci-Fi.

(Apologies to non Cricket lovers but its spring and one’s thoughts turn to embarrassing oneself with willow. No that is not a Buffy reference (and definitely not a Lucas one!))

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