Fringe Season 2 Episode 17 Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver

There may be spoliers in the review that follows.

Taking up the burden placed on Olivia’s shoulders by Walter, this Epsiode manages to produce a sufficently creepy threat of the week while further advancing the relationships at the shows heart. it does so providing a few more tantalising bits of mythology. It takes the Jacksonville experiments and turns it from an element of Olivia’s past into a source of future cases and potentially a long term growing threat.

Anna Trov* who I have previously been a little unwilling to give credit to given the by-the-book portryals of Olivia gets to show more depth and breath in her perfomance while remaining true to the straight laced character. Though Olivia’s not all work – she enjoys a take-out ruby murray and enjoys a whiskey, which is daft but appears to greatly humanise her a great deal. The opportunity is taken to reintroduce ‘the dude’ – no sorry Sam Weiss, which gives Olivia gain someone different to spark off and a bit more colour.

Peter at one identifies the Fringe unit as a weird family unit. Which can make a crazy kind of sense – Astrid as the hard pressed mother doing most of the actual work, Bishop as the eccentric dad, Peter the cool son, Olivia the reliable sister and Broyles the grumpy take charge grandad. Nina Sharp and William Bell being a creepy uncle and aunt combo.  With that in mind it’s nice to see the show take a step back from going ‘snoggy.’

Speaking of Nina Sharp, she gets a very nice if small part in this episode. She has hidden if cold, calculating depths. We all knew that of course but it’s nice to see it put across so very well.

A final few words on how sharp and competently directed /edited the final action set piece was. Given the lack of whizz-bangs it still managed to generate a real sense of threat and come across as a viceral and desperate fight for survival. Given the setting it could fallen into the desperate hole of feeling very true life movie of the week, but the bullet was dodged, and dodged well.

All in all it’s  fine piece.

As it’s hayfever season, thanks to anti-histamine this review has very nearly been delivered analogy free.**

*(Who trivia fans is yet another pretty Australian actress in a genre show – this is getting mental, it’s a small country, do they have some form of secret hot genre actress generation program going on?)

** Nobody said anything about puns.

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