Futurama Season 6 Episode 1 – Rebirth

The long awaited return of Futurama opens with the Hypnotoad, and Bender’s voice over; “On the count of three you will awaken feeling refreshed as if Futurama had never been cancelled by idiots and then brought back by idiots. One… Two… Three!” A clever start to the episode.

The episode focuses on the literal rebirth of the characters following a disastrous crash. The Planet Express ship was being chased by Zapp Brannigan’s ship, the Nimbus, and crashed. Only the professor and – it seems – Fry survived fully, the rest were reduced to heads and skeletons. The professor regenerates the others using stem cells, but Leela is left in an irreversible coma, prompting Fry to recreate her from a robot.

While Rebirth may not go down as one of the stand out episodes of Futurama, it is entertaining in it’s complexity; there are two versions of both Fry and Leela and they must fight it out to see who will end up with who. Fry and Leela finally got together during the course of the movies, and it seems that this has been carried on through the reborn series. Fry’s pursuit of Leela and her stance of wanting to remain just friends was a constant source of conflict and stress in Fry’s life, and the series, before their love blossomed in the movies, but the question has to be asked whether keeping Fry and Leela as a couple is a good decision. Will this change the dynamic of the show? It remains to be seen.

Overall, Rebirth is a good episode. There have been better throughout the life of Futurama, but it is a suitably sci-fi-esque beginning to the sixth season that will keep fans happy!

Welcome back Futurama!

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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