Geek Syndicate hailed ‘Best Podcast of the Month’ by SFX Magazine!

Ok we didn't get a physical award so here's one we made (well nicked) earlier!

So in the June edition of the hugely popular Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine SFX we had the honour of being giving the title of Best Podcast of the Month. To say we’re chuffed about this is an understatement as SFX is a magazine we’ve both read and enjoyed for years so to get this kind of endorsement of our little podcast is a great boost.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to pick up the magazine here’s what SFX had to say.

With over 150 of the core weekly podcasts under their bat-like utility belts, the Geek Syndicate’s dynamic duo – David Montieth and Barry Nugent – are the wise warriors of the sci-fi podcast. In an age when new shows drift into the gutter faster than the latest X factor winner, they’re living proof that Darwin and Spencer were on to something with that “survival of the fittest” malarkey.The pair (who many of you might have seen on the convention circuit) have been broadcasting to the world for the past four and a half years, in their own words to “celebrate and comment on all aspects of geek life including comics, books, movies, TV, games and tech”. You’ll struggle to find a funnier, more insightful show on the web that’s so close to the pulse of geek culture. Ever the pros, they were recently podcasting from the SFX Weekender and have recently interviewed our illustrious overlord Dave B about the event. Clearly men of good taste.

Thanks to SFX for giving us such an ace write-up and stay tuned for a Q & A that SFX are doing with Dave and myself which will be going up on the SFX website soon.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: SFX

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