Indie Asylum – Episode 3 ‘Difficulty’

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Once again it’s time to tread the halls of Indie Asylum as we have a damn hard time wrapping our collective craniums around the subject of difficulty. With head scratching and brain punching we break out some games covering all varying levels of difficulty, with some chilled and casual that even Chelle can play to some so hard I wanted to kill puppies with my fists.

All that and enough indie love to make the fat cats of Wall Street break free and live like work shy, over emotional, over opinionated hippies. Which funnily enough describes Silent Hitoshura who was kind enough to suggest this theme to us. So before I cut loose and go live in a cage, here’s some awesome games:

1. Cloud – Free + flOw – Free / PSN + Flower – PSN + Journey – In development

2. Canabalt – Free + Robot Unicorn Attack – Free

3. Super Meat Boy – Xbox Live Arcade – 800 Points (Rising to 1200 from November) / Steam (Coming Soon)


Radiangames Fluid – Xbox Live Indie Games – 80 Points

You Will Die – Xbox Live Indie Games – 80 Points

Glorg – Free

Indie Love: – For the results of the first annual “Who’s An Indie Gamer” poll.

IGF 2010 Entries – LINK

A week of indie heaven –

Super Meat Boy, Super Crate Box, Glorg, Fluid, Explosionade, Game Dev Story, Comic Jumper, Costume Quest.

Also had the pleasure to play and review Blazin’ Balls Xtreme Edition, Bluebones Curse and Cutouts.






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