Indie Asylum Episode 4 – Point and Click

Hello and welcome back! It’s been a turbulent few weeks here in the Asylum with upheavals both large and small, but we’ve managed to take a break from all of the moving and shaking to do some Pointing and Clicking! This episode we recommend you some fantastic Point and Click adventures, get put on the spot with a listener question, do a little cross promoting and even manage to wrangle out a competition! So just step inside, make yourself comfortable and listen out for some Indie gems and a seriously  spooking prize up for grabs.

Direct Download: Episode 4

Listen Online:

1. Samorost 1+ 2 / Questionaut / Machinarium

2. Decay Part 1 / 2 / 3 (Coming soon) all for 240 MS Points each.

3. Ben There, Dan That / Time Gentlemen, Please / Privates


Alice Is Dead – Ep 1 / Ep 2 / Ep 3

Puzzle Bots – £3.49

Little Wheel – Free

Sam & Max – Includes two free demos, one for Season One and one for Season Two – Tell Tale Games

Digital Cowboys – Xbox Live Indie Games Special with LeeNygma and SilentHitoshura

Sanctuary4Gamers – Two Girls One Pup podcast

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Don’t forget to listen in for our competition and you can enter by following and sending us an @ on Twitter, or by leaving your reply in the comments!

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