Is Thundercats (Ho!) a go?

Thundercats movie concept art

Recently, a script for the Thundercats movie materialized on the internet, and has since been taken down at the behest of Warner Bros. What does that mean? I guess that could mean it’s real or the script was a total lie, but I’m going with the former. The script used to be on a site called Thundercat’s Lair

Since that script went bye-bye, let me give you some of the superficially spoilery bits:

1. Snarf is saying adios!

2. Panthro is a proud, purple Thundercat. Purple power fist!

3. The Berbils, you know- the robot bears- don’t show up, but are mentioned.

4. Grune (a character I don’t recall) is in the movie.

5. Claudus is in the movie.

That’s just a taste of it, but what are your impressions so far?

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One comment

  1. Dion Winton-Polak /

    Do it with a nod and a wink to the cartoon and it will likely be awful. Take the core concept and do something imaginative (and preferably with no modern human characters pleeeeease)and it could be something special.

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