Largo Winch- A Movie Review

Here’s a comic to movie adaptaion that most people won’t know about.  Most people in America and England that is. It’s based on the comic Largo Winch written by Jean Van Hamme and drawn by Phillipe Francq.

Let me put this comic in perspective for those of you that don’t read European comics.  Jean Van Hamme has sold 38 Million copies of his works in his day and Largo winch alone has sold over 10 million.  It’s huge.  You couldn’t do this type of sales in America and not have a movie.  It’s already had a tv series and as far as I’m concerned the less said about that the better but last December the first movie was released.

I managed to get a copy when I was in Belgium, but unfortunately the movie is 50% French and this version had no English subtitles.

Largo Winch is the secret adopted son of Nerio Winch, the head of the worlds 5th largest conglomerate and when he is suddenly murdered Largo has to be found.  Largo then has to fight of the hostile attentions of his own board, rival companies, corrupt south american police and the odd seductress, whilst saving his company and trying to survive the murderous attention of whoever it was that killed his father.

What we have here is essentially the story of Bruce Wayne if Batman didn’t exist.  Keep the training and the motivation, keep the playboy lifestyle, keep the intelligence and the generosity of  spirit and you’ve got largo Winch.  This film has tons of boardroom intrigue but that doesn’t make for a boring story by any means. In fact the story has many facets, subplots and characters to it, that you keep you guessing up until the end.

I don’t know what the budget is but this is a truly globe spanning tale making for some truly stunning cinematography.  The performances are great as evidenced by the fact that even though half of the movie was in French I still followed the gist of those foreign moments.

The English version is being released on the 16th August as Largo Winch: Deadly Revenge for some reason, and I intend to watch it again then .  Until then you can catch it at Cine de Luminere until may 6th  if your in England and you can catch up on the comics by getting them from  They are working on a sequel already so go on, watch it, you won’t be wasting your time.

Also keep watching the website as we will post a short interview we had the pleasure to conduct with Jean Van Hamme

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