Matt Smith to leave Dr Who?

According to the Sun a “friend” of Matt Smith has said he is going to leave Dr Who after his second season of the show.

The Sun:

MATT SMITH is ready to quit as Doctor Who as early as next year – to crack Hollywood. And he certainly looks relaxed about his future, judging by his happy demeanour alongside 21-year-old model girlfriend Daisy Lowe.Matt, 27, has told pals he wants to go after just two series of the BBC1 sci-fi show so he can try his hand at movies. The actor is currently filming this year’s Christmas special with Karen Gillan, who plays his sidekick Amy Pond, and opera star Katherine Jenkins.

He will then go straight into production on the new series, which will air next year.
But a pal said: “Matt plans to quit after the next series.

“He is eager to try new things and thinks Hollywood beckons.”

So we have The Sun reporting that a “Friend” said he wanted to leave. Well I’m convinced! (/sarcasm) A NEWSpapers reporting on a completely unsubstantiated rumour it must of been a really slow news day!

Matt Smith has said numerous times he loves working on the show and he doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon. so untill he announces it or the BBC do i’ll call BS on the Sun.

What do you guys think? The Sun trying to sell a few papers or is the Time Lord really on his way out?

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  1. All I can say is I hope he doesn’t! I like Matt Smith in the role and think it would be a bloody shame if he left!

  2. Piers Wenger Has Left The Room /

    He is no David Tennant.

  3. No he isn’t David Tennant- he’s better.

    • I Love How He’s Loverbel And A bit Dark At Time I Wish He Doesn’t Leave , Not Now :'(

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