SDCC 2010 – Spider-Man Panel

I have just finished watching the live blog from marvel from the Spidey panel! and there was a hell of a lot announced and teased! here are the main points!

Origin of the Species

  • After O.M.I.T the next arc will be “Origin of the Species” all of the Gauntlet villains will play a part
  • Spider-Man will be on the run, he has something very important that many people want. Not a moment when he can reest.
  • You’ll see why Spidey is the best hero in the Marvel Universe.

Big Time

  • October 2010 brings the end of Brand New Day after 101 issues in a row
  • The new branding will be “Big Time”
  • Amazing will be going to a twice monthly schedule, each issue 30 pages long and will cost $3.99
  • Dan Slott will be the sole writer with a rotating team of artists
  • Artist include, Steffano Casselli, Marcos Martin and Humberto Ramos
  • AMAZING #648 will get a 39-page lead story by Dan and Humberto, and an 8-page Spider-Girl backup for no extra cost.
  • Mac Gargan will be the Scorpion again following Brand New Day. Teaser image showing his new suit.
  • Teaser image for Spidey in an FF costume, Slott hints it has something to do with the FF story arc “three”
  • Spiderman will have new costumes (multiple)
  • Peter will be getting a whole new career
  • Peter Parker’s new job is his dream job. And he will be getting new toys.
  • But you’ll be seeing a lot of classic characters return. Spidey will clearly be in the Marvel Universe, with lots of guest stars.
  • There will be big status quo changes in the third arc. Big things will happen one after the other.
  • Someone asked if it was jsut a new costume or a new spider-man! The answers we’re cryptic but not definitive so ???
  • Dan Slott says the only plans for Gwen Stacy are more decomposing
  • MJ will be a big part of peters life


  • New Spider-Girl ongoing, featuring the 616 version (Anya Corazon) not the May Parker version
  • Written by Paul Tobin
  • SPIDER-GIRL will be very closely tied to AMAZING. It’s not just an ancilliary or satellite book.
  • Interview with Tobin here


  • Osborn five issue-series from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios beginning in November. It will Deal with Osborn Post-Siege


  • All new limited series beginning in October from writer Zeb Wells and artist Clayton Crain, starring Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Spider-Man Anthology Title

  • While WEB OF SPIDER-MAN will be ending soon, there is more anthology Spider-Man in the works which may feature Ben Reilly’s return

Here is a gallery of all the teasers and artwork released at the panel!

So thats a lot of stuff! some of it is very exciting! What do you guys think? is Dan Slott the man to tell the greatest Spider-man stories

GS Reporter: Matt

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