The Event Season 1 Episode 5 – Casualties of War

Usually, the fourth episode of a new TV series is when it finds it’s feet, but last week’s episode of The Event – A Matter of Life and Death – failed to do that. Maybe they are a week behind the unofficial schedule?

As usual, The Event follows three storylines – Sean trying to find his girlfriend Leila – which he finally does – President Martinez’s struggle with the truth and the aliens – led by Sophia – and their quest to be released from captivity. So yes, Sean finally finds Leila. She turns out to be not quite as daft as we thought and quickly realises that the police station she is in is not the safe ground she hoped for. That said, Sean uses the information he learned about Vicky’s mother and son to secure Leila’s release. Clever Sean. President Martinez struggles with his conscience – again – as the plane passengers are dying and Thomas offers an antidote in return for the prisoners’ release. Finally, we learn a little more about the aliens themselves – through flashback of course – and discover that they were behind the Manhattan Project.

While all of this may sound thrilling, the events in… um… The Event play out so slowly that it hard to get excited. Add to this, characters that are incredibly underdeveloped and the audience finds themselves wondering why they should care. The Event has still not decided what kind of a show it is, and is leaning toward the conspiracy thriller, without answering any of the questions it has asked so far. Why did Vicky kidnap Leila? What has Sean got to do with all of this? Why are the aliens on earth, where did they come from and what do they want? With these questions in mind, we have run out of energy to wonder what the titular ‘event’ actually is. And truth be told, we don’t care.

The Event is still earning high ratings but unless it gives us some answers, clears up it’s plotlines and gives us characters we can relate to, it is only a matter of time before these ratings begin to fall.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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