The Event Season 1 Episode 6 – Loyalty

The Event marches on this week with a localised look at Sophia’s release and the government’s struggle to track her and the elusive Thomas. As well as this, Leila is now on the hunt for her family, and she and Sean discover some truths about the people behind her kidnap.

The Event really is trying to get over it’s limitations this week, but there are still too many issues with the show for it to get over this stumbling block. We learn some background information on CIA agent/alien Simon, which leads to a touching moment between Simon and a lost love. The whole plotline surrounding Sophia and Thomas is long, drawn out and ridiculous. The aliens can create a vortex that sucks a building into a hole, but they can’t out fox a simple tracker? Really?

It is good that Sean and Leila finally join the game with regard to there being aliens among them, but Leila’s father is supposed to have accidentally flown over the government facility in Alaska and got suspicious. Far too convenient to be honest. And Madeline Jackson – the conspiracy nut journalist who reveals this information to Sean and Leila – is one of the most over the top performances seen on TV in recent times. In contrast to this, none of the other characters are being developed enough for us to care about them… Still.

The episode’s theme of loyalty centres around to Simon and the choices he made during his time on earth. Although this is touching at times, the emotional impact that was obviously hoped for through this sub-plot ultimately falls flat.

The Event appears to be grasping at straws to keep viewers interested, but forgetting to answer the fundamental questions that it posed in the beginning of the series. There are still too many questions in the show that are showing no signs of being answered. The Event is too muddled for its own good and trying to be all things to be all people. If the show keeps this vein going it will end up be nothing to anyone. For a show that was full of promise, The Event is truly failing to deliver.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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