The Event Season 1 Episode 7 – I Know Who You Are

This week, The Event takes another turn. Blake – the man determined to hunt down the aliens living as human – discovers that his girlfriend is a Russian sleeper agent. He is given no choice but to confront her and ultimately, eliminate her. Meanwhile Sean and Leila are uncovering more of the mystery as to why the aliens have come to Earth, and Agent Lee is suspected of being the mole that allowed Sophia and Thomas to escape.

It seems that a lot of people are giving up on The Event. The show is plagues with reviews criticising the muddled plot line and uneventful revelations. This new plotline involving undercover Russian intelligence seems to have little to do with the overall storyline. As well as this, it rings a little too true to life in relation to the recent discovery of Russian spies living undercover in the US. That said, this story reveals Blake to actually have some human emotions. As well as this, we discover that the man who forces Blake to out his girlfriend is actually his father, and in a similar twist, we also learn that Sophia is Thomas’s mother.

Sean and Leila have little to do with the episode. They are getting closer to the actual facts surrounding the plane disappearance and the aliens, but this seems to be running a little too slow for it to actually benefit the show.

Overall, another mediocre episode of The Event. The show is definitely suffering from pacing issues, and does not seem sure of what it is trying to achieve. The story has been stripped down somewhat this week, but the involvement of Russian intelligence adds another layer confusion for the audience. And we are still no closer to getting any of the answers that we so desperately crave.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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