The First iPad Only Novel Is Coming

A Japanese novelist by the name of Ryu Murakami is about the release a iPad only Book. this ebook will not just be plain text but take advantage of the iPad and use all sorts of multimedia to make it a truly exciting reading experience.

The Novel, A Singing Whale, will include Video and Audio that plays at curtain sections as you read.

unfortunately this ebook will set you back $17 which i feel might scare off casual readers.

I think this is a step in the right direction for the iPad (and similar devices), the only thing stopping me buying a tablet pc like a iPad is that if i want to read a book i can go buy it and read it. The iPad offers me nothing more then a fancy screen to read it on, However if you were to add in extra content and multimedia I might be convinced to switch from paper to LCD. but that price point would have to come down a little bit!

What do you guys think? would you pay $17 for a multimedia book or will you stick with good old fashioned paper?

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