The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3 – Tell It To The Frogs

No sooner does Rick arrive at the camp where the survivors are hiding out, but he is volunteering to go back to Atlanta to rescue Merle, who – you may remember – was left handcuffed to a rooftop. Lori seems pleased to see her husband alive, and promptly tells Shane to have nothing to do with her or her son again – after all, he was the one who told her that Rick was dead.

Once again, this episode of The Walking Dead is less about the Walkers – we still don’t know what happened to make people all zombified – but more about the relationships between the people that are trying to survive. No one seems to care much for Merle – except his brother Darryl – but this is not the point. One of them was left to die and trying to rescue him was the right thing to do. Rick seems happier than he has done so far – of course he has been reunited with his family. Of course the Shane thing is going to come back to bite them and it is still unclear as to what Lori’s motives are – one minute she is welcoming her husband home and the next she is sending him off on a suicide mission to Atlanta.

Elsewhere, Shane is less than happy about this turn of events and takes his anger out on another survivor – Ed – who was being cruel and sexist towards the women among them. As well as this, a Walker finds its way into the camp, and though he is quickly dispatched, the stage has been set for more of them to wander in and threaten the sanctuary that our heroes have built up for themselves.

This is the slowest episode of The Walking Dead so far; relationships have been built, characters rounded out and plotlines left open for future development, but there were no great action scenes. In fact, we only saw two Walkers through the whole episode. That said, the episode was gripping and engaging, but the questions posed by the show are no closer to being answered. Also, this may seem entirely off the point, but the cause of this apocalypse is starting to niggle. OK, so Rick was unconscious for it, but the rest of the gang know what happened and it is time for Rick to start asking some questions.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. Are we looking for answers with this show?

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