The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 – Wildfire

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 – Wildfire

In the immediate aftermath of the Walker attack on the camp, Rick and the gang have some unpleasant decisions to make.

The ending of last week’s episode was possibly one of the best moments of The Walking Dead so far. This week we get an intimate look at the grief and guilt that comes with a family member being bitten by a Walker. Andrea refuses to allow Amy to be destroyed until she reanimates and Andrea gets a chance to apologise. At the other end of the scale, Jim has been bitten and knows his time is limited. The gang of survivors decide to hit the road – their camp has been compromised and there may be a cure for Jim at the CDC.

Andrea’s interaction with her sister’s dead body and reanimated corpse gives us a better insight into how people deal with a loved one becoming the enemy. We saw Morgan dealing with his wife as a Walker and his inability to shoot her because he believes that the woman he loved may still be ‘in there’, but Andrea is simply holding on to say one last thing to her sister. Rick uses the CB radio to try and tell Morgan that Atlanta – and their camp – is not safe, and this serves as a diary for the episode. We get an insight into Rick’s thoughts and feelings on the crisis, as well as learning the decisions made by the group – a very clever plot device. As well as all of this, the gang decide to follow the dying Jim’s wishes and abandon him at the side of the road; another example of survivor’s guilt and the grief at leaving one of their own behind.

Perhaps the most interesting development in this episode, however, is the discovery that there is someone alive at the CDC. One man is working on a cure for Walkers, but is slowly losing his mind due to the solitude enforced on him by taking refuge underground. This man believes himself to be the Omega Man – the only survivor of the apocalypse – and the irony his working on a cure is not lost on him, after all, who would he share this cure with if he is the last human alive? Just as he decides to get drunk with the prospect of blowing his brains out the next day, Rick and the survivors knock on his door.

Another fantastic episode of The Walking Dead. The season lagged a little in the middle, especially with all the to-ing and fro-ing in Atlanta, but this new development in the CDC is bound to throw up some unpleasant choices for the gang, and also reminds the survivors – and the audience – that there is a whole world out there, who knows what else is going on…??

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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