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Here are some quick reviews of the Comics I got this week. I have to apologise to any other Marvel fans out there as I am working on a limited budget and can only afford a limited number of books and most of them are Marvel. If DC, Image, or any other comic book publishers out there would like to send me some free comics I would be more than willing to review them for you!

So on with the reviews. **Spoiler Alert**

X-Men Origins: Deadpool (one shot)

Writen by Duane Swiercznski with art by Leandro Fernandez.

In this one shot we get a look at the origin of Deadpool… well we kinda get a origin, we are shown the Joe Kelly origin and it ignores the rehashes that came later. The book shows us Wade hiring a script writer to make the movie of his life as he is afraid that Hollywood would screw it up.  The book misses out huge parts of Deadpools life, for example the whole relationship with Death is no where to be seen. I guess they needed to leave some bits out  otherwise it would just be like reading a wikipedia entry.

The book is Excellent despite the missing parts of Wade’s life and some parts are Laugh out Loud funny! The Art is pretty nice and the cover would make a awesome poster!

3.5 out of 5 stars

The Invincible Iron Man #28

Writen By Matt Fraction with art and cover by Salvador Larroca

At the end of last issues Iron Man and War Machine were racing their way to Tokyo to deal with a hostage situation. they arrive late and the Hammer girls and Detroit Steel have already dealt with the crisis (a crisis they created) Tony is made to look like a foul and shown in no uncertain that the Hammer Girls are a force to be afraid of. They have weaved such a cleaver web that they would be able to destroy Stark’s reputation with the reveal that the hostage takers were using tech created by Tony himself. Tony the clashes with Maria Hill because he walked into a trap.

Later Tony hires 3 men to help develop a repulser tech electric car and discovers a possible connection between the Hammer girls and the Stane Family.

The writing is AWESOME! as always Matt Fraction delivers a great story. The art too is fantastic and consistent, Larroca was born to draw Iron Man and his armoured foes.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Avengers Academy #2

Written by Christos Gage with art and cover by Mike Mckone

Last issue we found out that these 6 young recruits were not the best of the avengers of tomorrow but the possible super villains of the future. in this issue the kids decide to stick around and learn what they can from the instructors and then they can make the choice about their future.

After that the socially inept Finesse discovers she might be the daughter of Taskmaster (that would be COOL) and then black mails Quicksilver into teaching her all the evil stuff the Magneto taught him.

This title is off to a really good start, Christos Gage is really making these characters more layered then the recruits in Avengers Initiative, who were never really developed with a few exceptions. this title reminds me of The Thunderbolts, a group of possible evil people unsure about their direction.

The art is OK but some of the faces look a bit flat to me and there were some times where the characters we’re in poses that are physically impossible. however none of it took me out of the book!

3 out of 5 stars

The Amazing Spider-Man #637

Written By Joe Kelly with art by “Everyone in the Spider office apparently”

This is the 4th part of “The Grim Hunt” and it concludes it excellently. The Kravinoff family have pushed Parker as far as he can be pushed, and he SNAPS, he becomes the Primal embodiment of “The Spyder” and goes after the hunters hard. In the process Madam Web gets killed by Mama Kravinoff , but before she dies she makes Arachne the new Madam Web just in time to show Peter what the future would be like if he was to kill Kraven.

Spider-Man is the Moral compass of the Spider family (and the Marvel Universe) he is the best of all of them. If he was to fall into darkness the whole web would unravel! Personally i thought this was a awesome portrayal of Peter as more then just a guy in a suit but as someone who truly has Great Power.

The art in this issue is done by 6 different people. Normally that would take me right out of the story but since the story was so compelling  it managed to keep me focused.

As for the Back ups! the Kaine back up is GREAT, and adds some history to the main story. the Spider-man Sundays are ok i suppose but they ain’t setting the world on fire! which is a shame since the great Stan Lee is writing them.

4 out of 5 stars

Thanks for reading guys! Reviews next week include: New Avengers #2, Avengers #3, Deadpool #25, Marvel Zombies 5 #5 (of 5), Amazing Spider-Man #638, Thunderbolts #146 and Dark Wolverine #88.

GS reporter: Matt

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