Update: Ant-Man Rumour Debunked

Well this rumour didn’t last long! according to “The Playlist” blog Adrien Brody will not be playing Ant-Man.

from the playlist:

we checked with sources very close to the project this morning and it’s evidently untrue. Maybe the rumors that Nathon Fillion playing “Ant-Man” (also untrue) will finally die now? Trading a rumor for a new rumor perhaps?

so take from that what you will! obviously “sources” close to the project probably would say it is untrue until they we’re ready to announce it themselves!  so as always this is ALL rumour until Marvel say different or they announce their ant-man!

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Yup! I was thinking this was just some wishful thinking by people who saw Brody in Predators.

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