US Torchwood gets a casting call!

The US version of Torchwood is looking for actors to fill 3 rolls, below are the Casting sheets for the 3 new characters,

[REX MATHESON] CAUCASIAN, Late 20s, CIA agent, a fast-tracked high-flyer. And he knows it! Rex is fast, sharp, smart, clever, and when the situation demands it, ruthless. He’s got a lethal sense of humor – he doesn’t care if he makes enemies, he’s too busy enjoying himself. But when Rex’s life is put in danger, he feels his own mortality for the first time, and has to balance the demands of the job, and his duty to his country, against his desperate desire to survive. Though that doesn’t defeat him – if anything, it makes him even more arrogant and unstoppable than ever. For Rex, all rules are off! Like him or loathe him, you can’t miss him – and that’s exactly how Rex wants things to be. Series regular.

[ESTHER KATUSI] She’s early 20s, a Watch Analyst at the CIA – it’s one of the less glamorous jobs, filtering information to pass along the chain. But Esther’s determined to better herself! She’s still young, so the job hasn’t made her cynical yet – she’s still an optimist, ever hopeful, and her faith in mankind is sustained by her own Christianity. She’s hopelessly in love with one of the CIA agents, Rex Matheson, though she’d never tell him. Nevertheless, she’s no pushover – she’s more than capable of thinking for herself, and can break the rules when she needs to. And when Esther’s forced off the grid, and on the run, she learns to survive, fast. She turns out to be a natural, learning to fight and run with the best of them, without ever losing her essential good-hearted nature. Please submit actors of all races and ethnicities EXCEPT Caucasian. Recurring Guest Star. Will appear in many, or possibly all 10 episodes.

[OSWALD JONES] CAUCASIAN, Late 40s, a convicted murderer and pedophile. But he’s no thug – this man is dangerously clever. Oswald escapes his sentence on a technicality, and finds himself becoming a media celebrity. And he’s sharp enough to make the most of the situation, and profit from it. He’s always thinking, always aware, always looking for the chance to promote himself – while living with the fact that many people want him dead. He appears to be wonderfully, genuinely repentant – but underneath, he’s still boiling with lust and rage. And one day, he’s going to lose control again. But this man is destined to become more important than even he could have foreseen, as terrifying events of worldwide significance begin to turn around him… Recurring Guest Star. Will appear in many, or possibly all 10 episodes.

So a Paedophile bad guy! a CIA analyst that cant be white under no circumstances and a clever and cocky CIA agent!

Well this has pretty much confirmed my belief that this will be alet down! I’ll wait until I see some footage before making my final decisions though.

What is it with the States taking our good ideas (and the not so good ideas) and trying to Americanise them, the original Life on Mars is a great show! the US version not so good, the UK Office is an amazing piece of comedy work, but the US version pales in comparison and lets not even get started on the Dr Who Movie! Why can the American networks just buy our shows and show them unchanged like we do with theirs. A UK version of desperate housewives would be silly!

Please American, I Beg you stop taking our good ideas and squeezing them dry until only crap remains.

P.S you can keep Russell T. Davies

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. I very rarely say this – but at this moment, I’m ashamed to say that I’m affiliated with America. I can’t believe we’re actually taking this used-to-be-good-show (meaning series 3 spoiled it) and turning it into this crap, to use a nice term.

  2. lar /

    While I can’t speak for the whole country, I know I don’t want him after seeing what he did to Torchwood in Children of Earth.

    And I agree, this sounds like it’ll be even more of a disappointment then I expected after Day 5 of Children of Earth.

  3. Sheree /

    Sounds as if he’s trying for an American Tosh and Owen/Jack hybrid. And a Jones as the villian? Talk about lame! As if Children of Earth wasn’t bad enough. By the way, where are the aliens?

  4. Tristy /

    Could the characters be more cliche I had little hope for torchwood after Children of Earth and now this Iam sill going see what it like but don’t hold out much hope.

  5. I heard these were new characters for the original Torchwood which is going to leave Cardiff and take a more global approach. I havent heard of any US version of anything, other than the Being Human one on Syfy.

    • matt pease /

      Nah the Plan was is a Completely new version of torchwood shot and produced in the US, it will be developed by Russell T Davis but will not be connected to the UK Version of torchwood!

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