Vader BANNED from Star Wars Cons

According to David Prowse himself he has been told not to attend Celebration 5 or any other Lucas Film event.

From the Actors official site

“It is with regret that I have been informed by my friends at C2 Ventures, Ben and Phillip, that I am not to be invited to C5 this year or any other Lucas Film associated events. After enquiring, the only thing I have been told is that I have ‘burnt too many bridges between Lucas Film and myself’ – no other reason given…I have also been advised by the promoter of Paris Manga in September that LFL (Lucas Film Limited) have requested no photo opportunities with the 501 Squadron, even though I am commander in chief of the 501”

What does “burnt too many bridges” mean? what did he do that could deserve this? it seems like a dickish move from Lucas Film from me. Con and the Celebration Events should be a…. well…. a CELEBRATION of all things Star Wars.

This could all steam from complaints he made to Slashfilm last year that he isn’t getting any residual checks because, according to LucasFilms, the films “never made a profit.” I’ve heard the stories about how he was ripped off over pay but I never paid them much mind.

I have met Mr Prowse before at a signing and he was great with the fans, however after the event i heard he had been a bit of a arse with the staff of the Memorabilia store, so who knows who is to blame here.


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  1. Red Five /

    At the end of the day, whether he is an arse to the staff at the shows (which is uncalled for usually), if he is great with the fans, that is all that matters.

    I agree, it does seem somewhat dickish of them to ban Vader. It’s not like James Earl Jones can step in is it?!

    • matt pease /

      It puts Con organisers in a tight spot as they might want to have him there for signings but if Lucas Film won’t like it then most will just leave him out!

  2. Crimson Archer /

    Quote= “What does “burnt too many bridges” mean? what did he do that could deserve this?”

    It has often been suggested that David Prowse somehow ‘leaked’ the fact that Darth Vader was to die in Return Of The Jedi back in the day and George Lucas took exception to it, bearing a grudge to this day. Mr Prowse has always denied this, but the rumour persists, as good rumours often do… 😉

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