Vampires – A Sci-fi London Movie Review

Fed up of Vampires that sparkle – read on

Beer, Comics and chocolate are what Belgian is mostly know for, Oh and lets not forget Agatha Christies famous detective Hercule Poirot.   It’s probably not where you expect a good fantasy/horror to come from.  One of the things I’m learning at the sci-fi film festival is that sci-fi is a truly international medium.  Although not technincally a sci-fi movie, Louis, the festival director was at pains to point out that the title of the festival also included fantastic film.  So it was we came to watch Belgian director Vincent Lannoo’s  horror fantasy, Vampires.

Describing itself as a mockumentary this gonzo style film follows a film crew as they seek to make a documentary about a family of Vampires. It follows the  George & Bertha and their children Eva & Samson.  Samson is an asshole and Eve is going through a difficult phase of wanting be human but George is fairly sure she’ll grow out of it.  Through them we get introduced to vampire society and the nature of relationships in that community.  Human and vampire relations are somewhat simpler as evidenced by one vampire as he apologises for his rudeness to the film crew

“I’m sorry,” he says, “I’m not used to talking to my dinner”

Apparently life is good for vampires in Belgium with the state delivering illegal immigrants to the door, prompting one of the funniest lines in the movie which may raise the eyebrows of some of the more racially sensitive among us.  Things start to go awry though when Samson starts to tread on anther vampires toes.

As I type this I can’t get the smile of my face.  This film is laugh out loud funny, but be warned, it’s as wrong, disgusting and disturbing as it is hilarious. An interesting combination that really really works.  Somehow it manages this without being gratuitous, a lesson other horror writers could learn from.

This is brilliant and in the middle of the laughs and horror manages to make some very small but poignant observations  human nature. Well worth the effort of seeking it out.  French with subtitles.

Here’s the trailer –Vampires trailer

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