Vampires Suck

This Sunday was one dedicated to sitting in a dark room with a handful of strangers to watch various movies. 

We went to see:

Predators: YAWN

Inception: OMG! What the Matrix desperately wanted to be and failed.

But, what brightened my day no end (apart from seeing The Monteith in his Santander advert) is seeing the trailer for this awesome new flick from Fox, called VAMPIRES SUCK.

There is so much to love about this trailer, it does my evil little heart good seeing Team Jacob fans clobbering Team Edward fans with spades. Uhm, just sayin’…

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  1. matt pease /

    I Can’t wit to see this! i sw the trailer a few weeks back, i hope it’s better then the last couple of spoof movies that came out.

    GS Reporter: Matt

  2. Wow, taking Matrix down a peg.

  3. Looks like another “movie movie” ala disaster movie and superhero movie. Don’t have high hopes for this 🙁

  4. urbanvox /

    I am soooo gonna have to see that one… hehehehe

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