Voices of the Syndicate – What is your most prized Geek possession and what Geek item do you most covet ?

So here we are again answering the important questions that need answering from the world of geekdom. This week’s it’s a biggie as you will already know from the title of this post so let’s stop wasting time and let’s do thins thing.


For me it’s the battered old Fedora I bought back in the later 80’s it’s now covered in dust and sitting on my shelf with my trust bulllship I got given as a present. My most coverted Geek item would be this. If I had the money and could find it I would own it in a hearbeat. This is would the lost ark of my Indy related geek collection.


My most prized possession is my John Romita Jr drawn Mary Jane sketch I got at Thought Bubble last year! Meeting the man was a dream come true.

The one geek item I would love to have is a full size Tardis replica. I have been planning on making one for a while now. I will have shelves inside so I can store my comic collection.


My most prized is probably my collection of autographs from Buffy and True Blood cast members and my ever-growing collection of Tardis’s (Tardi?!).

Most coveted would be the 1:180 scale replica of Serenity, called The Big Damn Replica! Comes with a signed plaque from Nathan Fillion, wireless remote to operate the lights etc, from www.sideshowtoy.com … Or I’d like the actual ship please!


Most coveted? A lightcycle from TRON – they’re so cool looking! Most prized? My Buffy Season 8, Volume 1 graphic novel signed by Joss Whedon.

Matt F

I’m a great collector of random junk, much of which is boxed up now. my favorite is a huge Lego “Ultimate Collectors Series” Star Destroyer, which is over a metre long and sadly, my house has no-where to display at the moment. but its lovely, and just knowing its there, waiting to be rebuilt.

as for desires? to be honest i’d think i’d just like a big room so i can store all this sort of stuff in!


I don’t really have a most prized geek possession, but the rarest geek thing I had was a copy of Peter Cushing’s book The Bois Saga. It was a whimsical history of man written in a dyslexic fashion and illustrated with funny little colored sketches. There was a very limited print run (I think it may even have been self-published) and I snapped up a copy when it was advertised in the Times. I sold it on e-bay whilst trying to get a deposit together for my house.

If I could Have any geek item? I’m getting too old and practical for the big showy things (though even as a kid I realised how disastrous I would be holding a real working lightsaber.) I’d love to live in a custom made Hobbit-hole in the mountains of North Wales. Bliss.


My most prized geek possession has to be the Kick-Ass canvas I picked up at Kapow! from the Forbidden Planet booth. It’s the 6th out of a limited run of 30 and signed by JR JR, so that’s awesome!


Right. I have to say it is my original Star Trek Pocket Watch. A beautiful geek item and it can be used in the “real” world. Would not part with it for love or money. This was the first design and then they released lost of variations.


I don’t really have any prized geek possessions (which will probably change at SDCC), but I’ve always really wanted an honest-to-goodness Jedi cloak. And a kickass lightsaber.


My Land of the Dead poster signed by George Romero and Greg Nicotero


Ok. The most geeky thing I own won’t make sense to many people. I work as a close up magician, doing weddings, Christmas dos and the like. When I was 14 I met David Berglas, a pretty famous magician. I still have an ace of clubs, signed by him, framed on my wall in my bedroom.

So that’s the GS team’s list of Geek Things so what’s yours?

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